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"Insights from the 38th Meeting of the Green Climate Fund Board"

"Highlighting the 38th Green Climate Fund Board Meeting and its Contribution to the Just Transition"

Picture created by Nepoworx of Bafana Bafana
Nepoworx GCF

Eleven project funding proposals, totaling USD 489.9 million in GCF funding, were submitted for approval to the GCF Board. These encompassed six adaptation projects, one mitigation project, and four cross-cutting projects, with a focus on assisting vulnerable countries such as Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and African States. With additional co-financing, the collective value of these proposals reached USD 1.26 billion.

In conclusion, a total of 253 projects were approved across 129 countries. Among these projects is a program in Ghana designed to expedite solar initiatives. We appreciate the existence of organizations like the GCF, which play a crucial role in fostering the development of the African continent and facilitating a Just Transition.

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