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Cape Town's Energy Strategy

Updated: Feb 21

Cape Town's Energy Strategy for 2050

Nepoworx wishes bafana bafana well

Cape Town's 2050 Energy Strategy adopts a forward-looking perspective, outlining essential priorities and programs through a three-phased approach to instigate and propel transformative changes in the energy system gradually:

  • In the short term (by 2026), efforts will focus on enhancing capabilities to alleviate up to four stages of load-shedding.

  • In the medium term (by 2031), comprehensive reforms will be implemented to ensure the financial sustainability of the electricity utility, incorporating improved operational and asset management practices.

  • In the long term (by 2050), the goal is to revolutionize the energy system, striving towards carbon neutrality.

This Energy Strategy is in harmony with the Integrated Development Plan 2022-2027 and aligns seamlessly with other crucial City strategies. Read more on the strategy on the attached document.

Do you think other Cities should adopt this three (3) phase as a way to assist South Africa with electricity demand constraints? Comment below.

Download PDF • 7.75MB



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