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Solar PV GreenCard: Your Assurance for Safe and Superior PV Installations

The Solar PV GreenCard is a fantastic initiative developed to promote safe and high-quality Solar PV installations. The PV GreenCard Programme focuses on education, skills development, and training to enhance installer capacity and improve standards in line with international best practices.

This initiative serves as a report for the Solar PV system owner and a helpful checklist for qualified installers. Upon project completion, qualified installers provide the PV GreenCard to their clients, offering detailed information about the installation. This includes specifics about the PV modules and PV inverters used, along with a comprehensive checklist of all the necessary installation steps that were completed.

Moreover, the PV GreenCard empowers installers to declare compliance with relevant standards and safety guidelines for PV installation. This boosts investor confidence and demonstrates the commitment of participating industry players to ensure the satisfaction and safety of Solar PV system owners.

With the Solar PV GreenCard, we're creating a brighter and greener future for solar energy, fostering a more reliable and sustainable world. Let's work together to make a positive impact in the solar industry!



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