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Nepoworx & Dorper Wind Farm Partner to Empower the Youth in Renewable Energy

South Africa is currently undergoing an energy crisis that has resulted in what is called load shedding. Households and businesses alike had to solution for this problem by implementing their own energy solutions. This has led to an exponential growth in solar industry, with accredited and credible solar technicians being in high demand. The shortage of solar PV skills in the market has thus opened up employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Considering the immense opportunities in the renewable energy industry, Nepoworx and Dorper Wind Farm partnered in a Solar PV Training Programme to capacitate the youth in the communities of Molteno and Sterkstroom, in the Eastern Cape Province. The end goal was to enhance the technical skills of these youth thus enabling them to potentially gain employment in the renewable energy industry.

The Programme aligns perfectly with Dorper Wind Farm's "multi-pronged approach to local economic development to contribute to the betterment of today for the communities within which it operates".

The Solar PV Training Programme, organised by Dorper Wind Farm in collaboration with Nepoworx, has been a resounding success. The enthusiastic participation of 20 young individuals from Molteno and Sterkstroom highlights the program's effectiveness in imparting valuable skills and paving the way for employment opportunities. The initiative's positive impact on the community showcases the importance of investing in renewable energy education for a sustainable and prosperous future.



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