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Checkers store now runs off-grid

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

A checkers store in Sitari, Western Cape has gone off-grid and runs on wind and solar power. According to a News 24 article, the Sitari village mall outside Somerset west has a 635kWp solar installation on its rooftop. It provides 35% of power and the remaining 65%(1 752 MWh) is sourced from an Eskom wind plant.

"This is enough to power the entire centre, including the Checkers supermarket, entirely on renewables," said Checkers in a statement on Tuesday according to a News24 article. Shoprite doubled its solar capacity last year aiming to reach an operation of approximately 25% using renewable energy.

Source Penelope Mashego, (2022), This Checkers store now runs on wind and solar power only. News24. [online] 15th March. Available from:


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