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Call For Renewable Energy Companies To Provide Learners With Work Experience

Nepoworx Renewable Energy Institution (Nepoworx) and the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA (MerSETA) are pleased to announce that the two entities have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to implement a nationwide green skills programme, targeting unemployed youth to be trained as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Service Technicians. The objective of the programme is to upskill learners to potentially be employed either at photovoltaic farms or roof top solar PV installations.

The programme is important to build the required solar PV skills capacity that are critical to implement South Africa’s plans to accelerate the increase in generation capacity and to enable businesses and households to invest in rooftop solar, as announced recently by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his address to the nation on the energy crisis.

Call for Employers: Nepoworx hereby invites renewable energy Independent Power Producers, advisory companies, Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) companies, Operations and Maintenance companies and Solar Photovoltaic Installation companies to provide learners enrolled into the Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician Programme with work experience. The Programme will be implemented over a period 2 to 3 months. Participating employers are expected to provide learners with work experience for a period of at least 1 month. The learning outcomes for learners during the work experience component, amongst others, include:

  • Observing and assisting an experienced PV Installer with planning and preparing for installation and commissioning of PV systems;

  • Select and size PV arrays, modules, PV array combiner/junction box, DC main disconnector, cables, protection devices, batteries, and charge controllers; and

  • Installation of the mechanical components of PV systems, under supervision of an experienced PV Installer.

Please note that it is not mandatory for participating employers to remunerate learners. Participating employers are however encouraged to provide a stipend to the learners. Purpose of the Programme:

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare learners to operate as Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician. A Solar Photovoltaic Service (PV) Technician designs, installs and performs maintenance on PV systems, isolates the PV system; performs fault finding (troubleshooting), and finds solutions to a range of problems. A Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician may be employed either at a photovoltaic farm or at stand-alone PV installations.

Application Process:

Employers interested in participating in the Programme may apply via our website ( or by sending us an email ( on or before 26 August 2022.



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