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Application and approval process for small-scale embedded generation in the City of Cape Town

How does the innovative technology from the City of Cape Town impact you as a solar PV installer?


To streamline the authorization process for solar PV and/or battery systems, the City of Cape Town now requires all applications for small-scale embedded generation to be submitted via the Energy Services Application Platform on its e-Services portal.

This updated system applies to all SSEG applications. The traditional PDF application form is no longer utilized for SSEG authorization, except under specific circumstances:

In such cases, individuals can request a copy of the PDF form from

Benefits of utilizing the new Energy Services Application system include:

  • Faster authorizations leading to reduced turnaround times.

  • Enhanced transparency regarding the progress and status of applications.

  • Automated issuance of Permission to Install (PTI) letters for certain application types.

Using this online platform necessitates all parties involved in the application process (property owner, service provider, and ECSA-registered professional) to register with or log in to the City’s e-Services portal and activate ‘Energy Services’.

Within the Energy Services Applications Platform, the electrical contractor and ECSA-registered professional can complete the Service Provider Registration, eliminating the need for verification during application processing.

Property owners have the flexibility to authorize another e-Services user (such as the installer) to apply for the authorization of their solar PV and/or battery system on their behalf.

Upon completing this process, professionals will be able to finalize and submit the SSEG application via the ‘Applying for Small-Scale Embedded Generation’ tile. A helpful ‘How to Guide’ is available to assist throughout the process.

It's important to note: If an SSEG application has already been submitted using the PDF form, resubmission on the new online platform is unnecessary. Fully completed applications submitted prior will be fast-tracked, and applicants will be notified once the process is completed.

For comprehensive information, please visit and

Do you think this platform will assist in improving the process of getting installations approved, comment below and let us know what you think.


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