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iREREP Regulations

Incase you missed the Integrated Renewable Energy and Resources Efficiency Programme Regulations (iREREP Regulations), read below.

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The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) has introduced the Integrated Renewable Energy and Resources Efficiency Programme Regulations (iREREP Regulations) for public scrutiny. Formulated under the Government Immovable Asset Management Act 19 of 2007 (GIAMA), these regulations aim to formalize the implementation of DPWI’s Green Building Policy and the initiation of diverse initiatives in renewable energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and waste management within government buildings through the iREREP Programme.

The iREREP Regulations aspire to instigate transformative changes by establishing regulatory frameworks and institutionalizing the iREREP Programme. They delineate the implementation framework, core principles, and specifics such as design, standards, processes, standard operating procedures, procurement, and implementation.

Additionally, these regulations will oversee the involvement of Users in the Programme, streamline the financing and financial management mechanisms of Projects under the Programme, and define the roles of National Treasury and other Government departments (where applicable). Facilitating cooperation among Government structures at all levels is also a key aspect covered by the iREREP Regulations.

Public participation is encouraged, and we invite you to engage with and provide comments on these regulations.

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