Solar water Installer


The course was prepared for individuals and technicians who wish to learn how to install, maintain and repair Solar Thermal equipment. The course includes installation of the system, the tank, solar regulating switchboards, hydronic circuit of solar. 

Course objective

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Solar Water Installer.
The solar water installer installs, tests, repairs and maintains solar water heating systems and equipment. These tasks will meet the requirements for safe and correct installation of new and replacement of non-functioning domestic solar water heating systems complete with all the relevant and applicable safety and hydraulic control units. It covers domestic solar water heating systems that fall within the scope of SANS 151 up to 500 litres.


None,The course is open to all participants who want to gain knowledge in solar PV. Maths skills on
Matric/Grade 12  level are recommended to be able to follow the course.


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