Solar PV Structure Design Course


The Solar PV Structure Design has a prime focus on the PV Mounting structure. The best PV System is only as good as its connections/structure.The participate will learn about site preparation/ site safety requirements and how to size the system including the battery pack according to client requirements.The course has a narrow focus on the performance of the typical tasks which the mounter will carry out during the physical mounting of solar modules and solar arrays on a roof. Participants get an opportunity to apply special regulations such as the Building Regulations of South Africa (SANS 10400) and associated South African National Standards (SANS 10142-1 (Edition 2).Nepoworx  presents this as a skills program which will lead towards the part qualification; SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM MOUNTER which is a NQF level 2, 84 Credit National qualification under the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

Course objective

At the end of the course the participants will be able to perform the tasks expected of a Solar PV Mounter who mounts pre-designed PV systems according to instructions from either a PV Installer or PV Designer.



None,The course is open to all participants who want to gain knowledge in solar PV. Maths skills on
Matric/Grade 12  level are recommended to be able to follow the course.


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